Expert CDP services from Carbon Credentials

Many companies use sustainability reporting frameworks such as CDP (formerly, the Carbon Disclosure Project) to communicate their sustainability performance to stakeholders including investors, clients, and customers.

Carbon Credentials’ expert CDP services can help your organisation improve corporate transparency, and use the process to  improve sustainability performance and understand climate change related business risks and opportunities.

Carbon Credentials’ approach to CDP optimisation is founded on continual improvement and engagement with key stakeholders. We work with a number of market-leading organisations including ISG, Communisis, and Inmarsat, helping them to derive significant value from of sustainability reporting, shifting the focus from improved sustainability disclosure to improved sustainability performance.

Our experience with a wide range of clients from varying sectors means that we have the proven expertise to drive best practice within your organisation.


of the FTSE 350 reported to CDP in 2017

1 in 12

of the FTSE 350 were supported by Carbon Credentials in 2017

Here’s how we’ve helped our clients improve their CDP climate change scores

Carbon Credentials’ Leading CDP Services

CDP Optimisation


  • 2018 disclosure gap and competitor analysis
  • Sustainability and risk management interviews
  • Climate change risks and opportunities workshop
  • Emissions module calculations
  • Input and submission of response


  • Mitigate reputational risk
  • Answer shareholders’ requests to provide comparable and relevant climate data
  • Identify emissions reduction opportunities
  • Take a leadership position on understanding climate change risks and opportunities

CDP Response Check


  • An external high level ‘checking service’ to ensure the response is as complete as possible
  • As a CDP accredited provider since 2012 our team have received CDP Response Check training


  • Ensure alignment with the 2018 scoring methodologies
  • Ensure the company response is as complete as possible

CDP Gap Analysis


  • Review of 2018 CDP response within scoring methodology
  • CDP Gap Analysis Report to highlight where you have been unable to gain available CDP points
  • Recommendations for actions to improve your organisation’s sustainability performance and, in turn, your CDP score in the 2017 reporting cycle


  • Develop roadmap for excellent data management, good governance and improved sustainability performance
  • Improve CDP performance and investor confidence

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