European energy policy moving forward

Just had a note from Charles Hendry at DECC telling us what is happening at the upcoming Energy Council meeting in Brussels on the 14th January – you can see the full letter here

The key things I liked were the planned debate on the Europe 2020 Strategy, which will form the Energy Council’s contribution to the European Semester exercise (the EU initiative to improve economic policy coordination). During this debate the Council will consider the contribution of energy efficiency and renewable energy to growth and jobs. Which can only be a good thing.

More interesting still for me is the movement on the draft Directive on energy efficiency. Over lunch the Ministers will discuss the remaining potential areas of concern in the draft Directive in terms of scope, requirements and implementation of the proposal. This could be the framework to push energy efficiency in Europe for the next decade.

There was some discussion the week before last at the ESCO Europe conference in London on how the Energy Efficiency Directive could be the catalyst for increased focus on energy efficiency, in both public and private sectors. For as we discovered last week there are plenty of projects identified and needing to be implemented, there is plenty of money available to fund these projects, what is missing is the desire and drive within large organisations to make it happen from the top down.

I reckon the proposed legislation, if enacted well, will help focus the minds at board level to be able to sign off on energy reduction programmes – the financials make sense, the business drivers make sense, we just gotta make it easier to get the sign-off.



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